Ning is a Norwegian contemporary music ensemble exploring the physical, theatrical and visual aspects of musical performance. We have worked professionally since 1997, devising shows in collaboration with composers, actors, choreographers and directors and touring all over Norway with different productions. All our work is concerned about the creating role of the musician in interdisciplinary collaborations. The work of the ensemble is exploring and expanding the possibilies within this role. We create music theatre pieces based on written music and as well as improvisation, and in this work we are both performers and our own directors.

The group is based around two main members, Erik Dæhlin and Amund Sjølie Sveen, but is also working as a network for other artists interested in the relationship between sound, space and performative expressions. The four of us are all classicly trained musicians, using our tools to search for a new performance language within musical performances; a languge which includes sound, physical expression and visual elements. It is an unexplored potential within this work, feeding into a range of artistic expressions, and we hope to encourage other artists to explore this area with us.

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